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Denim Wallflower | Overcoming Social Anxiety

Salman Dean Wallflower ASOS Look

Are you a wallflower while surrounded by social butterflies? I don't personally suffer from this but I know people who do. I wanted to shed light onto a topic that isn't really talked about and get people thinking.  Having this anxiety disorder can be debilitating because people fear being judged or humiliated in social situations. This makes even simple daily social interactions very difficult and daunting.

The trick to overcoming this is mindfulness. Here are my 4 tips to help you break out of your comfort zone and help you understand the root cause of your social anxiety:

1. Accept your shyness instead of fighting it. It's important to understand what the root cause is for you to become shy when the spotlight hits you. Whether its yourself image, being labeled by others or how you come across. The more you tell yourself you don't fit in the more you will exclude yourself in social settings. 

2. Focus on your whole experience. Shyness can be triggered when you feel conscious and don't want to embarrass your self. Instead of scrutinising your own behaviour pay attention to your surroundings. Try and be present in the moment as this will help keep you calm. If you can't start a conversation at least look approachable by having great posture.

3. Have compassion for yourself and don't compare yourself to others. This will cause you to feel inadequate and you'll end up going into your shell. Know that experiencing social anxiety isn't a weakness and value yourself. People may label you but don't let them define who you are as a person. Most of all know it's okay to not be okay.

4. Remember that this moment will too pass and nothing lasts forever. It's okay to make mistakes and move on. Use it to understand you social anxiety and how you can control it next time.

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