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May 2016 Favourites

Hey guys! I hope you are all well. I'm so glad May is over because it was a whirlwind for me - I've never felt so over worked in my life. To add more to my stress I'm happy to announce that I've recently become a contributor for Pause Mag so please feel free to check out my work here

I'm back with another monthly favourites post and I've got so many things I'd love to share. If you haven't gathered already I'm a product junkie and more than often the things I try aren't that great. So for me to rant on about a product is a pretty big deal. I've come across some real winners lately so without wasting anymore time, here are my favourites.

The MOA Green Balm has been a hit in my household and there are so many reasons why. Firstly this product is 100% natural, made in England and isn't tested on animals. Secondly it's a multi-use balm and can pretty much be used for anything. This includes soothing dry skin, bumps, bites, bruises, grazes and minor burns. However my favourite way to use it is like a cleansing balm. I simply take a small amount and spread it all over my face. Then I run the bamboo fibre cloth in warm water and use it to remove the product. My skin always feels super soft and hydrated after doing this. The balm includes Yarrow and Tea Tree extract which is the foundation of it's healing and anti-bacterial properties. 

I've been so obsessed with Snapchat recently and I try to post everyday. Never in a million years would I thought of wanting to be a vlogger but my Snapchat is definitely an extension of the blog. Also I'm always looking for new people to follow. Any recommendations? If you aren't already you can follow me (@salmandean)

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I was kindly gifted this Hype Chrome iPhone Case and my phone doesn't look basic anymore. I'm not even joking the amount of comments I get on my phone case is ridiculous. I was sat in a meeting the other day and someone stopped the presentation just to ask me where I got it from. The case is made from a sturdy material - well I guess it should be at the price you are paying. But honestly it doesn't match up to a £3 case from eBay. The print on the back is crystal clear quality and I like the fact that the case has a bit of a bumper. Does anyone else hate cases without bumpers? What's the point having a case then? What if you drop it?!

I always like to change up my toothpaste and my recent favourite is Marvis Classic Strong Mint. I thought this would be really strong and almost tingle but it's not at all. I can only describe the taste similar to tic tacs. Is that weird? I love it anyway but the point is my teeth have never felt cleaner. Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste is available from National Theater Shops.

For the longest time I've been dying to try the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Hand Cream and I've finally got around to using it! The consistency is not like a typical hand cream that's made from shea butter. It comes out looking like vaseline and glides on with a silicon texture. This product contains Niacinamide which has an antihistamine effect and helps improve the elasticity of skin. The packaging states that your skin will appear less red, sore and cracked after 4 weeks but I noticed my results in around 2 weeks. I personally like to use this at night as it can take a moment to sink in. If you are in the market for a new hand cream but want something repairing rather than moisterising then it's worth checking out this product.

Lately I've noticed the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner on various blogs and I when I saw it for half price I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did because I think I've found the perfect shampoo and conditioner. I like something that is clarifying to make sure all the hair product I use gets out, however normally that means I end up with dry frizzy hair. I don't get that with the L'oreal Elvive Clay Shampoo. The conditioner is equally good at hydrating the hair with beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid has been major in the skincare industry over the last few years and now can be found in hair care. Essentially hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the air leaving your hair or skin hydrated all day long. Similarly I thought including salicylic acid to be quite interesting. It helps keep the scalp fresh and prevents dandruff. Considering these are active ingredients I usually let the conditioner sit on my hair while I get on with my shower routine -  I normally rinse just before I  get out.

Well that's it guys! If any of my favourites are your favourites then be sure to leave a comment below :)


This post contains PR samples.

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