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Khaki Takeover

Salman Dean in Khaki
Photography by Rob Hawthorn

Hooded Kimono - ASOS
Green Shreeded Effect Jumper - Topman
Hey guys - I hope you're well. I'm finally back with another fashion post and this time it's all about khaki. For the last couple of years this colour has been taking over and it's predicted to be staying around for a while. When trying to wear only one colour for a look I think it's important to play around with silhouettes which is exactly what I tried to do. I'm looking very Kanye in this hooded kimono aren't I haha. The detailing in the kimono is incredible - especially the ruched sleeves and acid wash effect.


Grooming Giveaway

Salman Dean's Grooming Giveaway With Percy Nobleman, Pankhurst & Burt's Bees
I'm really excited to be hosting my first giveaway! The lucky winner will be receiving an array of grooming goodies, starting with the Percy Nobleman Matt Paste accompanied with their Hair Comb. Also up for grabs is the Pankhurst Aftershave Ice Gel which is great at calming skin and closing pores. To finish everything off you'll also be receiving the Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm.


Too Much Information Tag

Hey guys! I hope you are well and having a good week. The last time I did a tag was in the summer (see here) so I thought I would do another one.  I find them really fun to do and hopefully you feel like you know me a little better.


Brush Strokes

Salman Dean
Photography by Rob Hawthorn

Jacko BeltBrydon Brothers 

Hey guys, I hope you are well. I've been so busy lately that I feel like time is just passing me by. I can't believe we are halfway through March! I always say I'll get blog stuff done on weekends but they seem to just fly by. 

This is something I shot a little while back (clearly I was grumpy haha). I often don't wear shirts but when I saw this on ASOS I knew I had to buy it. I would say my wardrobe is fairly minimal but I love a crazy statement piece every now and then.


Interview With Creative Director of Tom Smarte Hats

Allon Zloof, Creative Director of Tom Smarte Hats

Hey guys - I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. I recently met up with Allon Zloof, Creative Director of Tom Smarte Hats and got to ask him a few questions. Honestly I've never met someone so hard working. It was a little difficult to arrange a meeting with Allon as he was in Pitti, Italy showcasing the hats and then in New York for fashion week. However he kindly made time for me once he was back in London. The brand it self is the epitome of luxury. Tom Smarte hats have something for everyone with classic designs accompanied by a modern twist.



Photography by Rob Hawthorn

The Power Shirt - #TheKrag

Hey guys, I hope you've had an amazing week. I'm back with another outfit post as promised. This time I shot with Rob however it was a bit difficult with the low lighting of our location. None the less Rob powered through and this is what we managed to get.

I don't know if you read my post about being over slim fit clothes and more into baggy pieces (see here). But that couldn't be more true than with this look. I mean don't get me wrong I like a pair of skinny jeans just like anyone else. But sometimes it's nice to play around and change it up. These faux leather baggy pants have a 90's vibe about them.

I paired the Antony Morato Faux Leather Joggers with this longline shirt from #TheKrag and it all seemed to work. The detailing on this shirt is impeccable. From the leather collar to the piping, it's put together very well. Also the material is of such a high quality - you can tell the way the blue shines in the light.

I want to say a massive thank you to #TheKrag for collaborating with me on this. I also want to thank Club Cuckoo for letting me shoot in your amazing venue. Please leave your comments below as I would love to hear what you have to say? Baggy clothing? Yae or nay?
Salman Dean For #TheKrag
Salman Dean For #TheKrag
Salman Dean For #TheKrag
Salman Dean For #TheKrag


Muted Leather

Salman Dean Wearing Dark Future Faux Leather Biker Jacket

Black Stretch Skinny Jeans - River Island
Nudie Crew Jumper - ASOS

Hey guys, I hope you are well. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. I was in Madrid last week and I've been catching up with life. Making time to shoot is always difficult when working. No i'm not a full time blogger but that is my goal haha. Anyway enough of that. I recently met up with my friend Kara and we shot some stuff for our blogs. 

This is one of my favourite looks that I've come up with in a while. I am really obsessed with the faux leather jacket, mainly because it has neoprene inserts which makes it different. Also it was on sale so what is not to love about getting a bargain! The Nudie Crew Jumper is typical me. Featuring a brush stoke effect the tones of brown look  so much more detailed in real life. Although it is a little bit too thin for these harsh conditions, I'll be wearing it more once the weather warms up.

Well that's it guys - you can find the links above to all the items featured and they are on sale, so hurry! I am going to try shooting more outfit posts real soon. I do promise to up my game and come up with some exciting content. Please leave your comments below because I love to hear what you guys have to say. Also you can give me a follow on Twitter if you want to keep up with my daily ramblings
Salman Dean Wearing Dark Future Faux Leather Biker Jacket
Salman Dean Styling Nudie Crew Jumper
Salman Dean Wearing Dark Future Faux Leather Biker Jacket
Salman Dean



Photo Diary: Royal Palace of Madrid

Salman Dean's Photo Diary of The Royal Palace of Madrid
Last week I was in Madrid, so here are some snaps from when I visited the Royal Palace. You aren't allowed to take pictures in many of the rooms inside, so here is what I managed to capture. The inside was truly beautiful, if you are in Madrid you must visit the palace.

The palace itself was constructed by Muhammad I and inherited after 1036 by the independent Taifa of Toledo. After Madrid fell to Alfonso VI in 1083, the palace was only rarely used by the kings of Castile. Even till today the palace is rarely used - only for formal occasions.


Oxfam: Sewing In Congo

Oxfam on Democratic Republic of the Congo
Today I'm going to be discussing something a little different for my blog. I've recently partnered up with Oxfam to help bring awareness to the important issues of Congo and to help share people's stories. As a modern day citizen it's really easy to get sucked into shiny new things and glamorous items but not everyone has the same lifestyle we do. 


The Democratic Republic of Congo (or DRC) is slowly recovering from years and years of conflict. A war-torn country that has been deeply affected by violence and conflict, the after effects of which still plague this extremely troubled country.

Many people have fled the violence in search of safety for their family. There are over 55,000 people in Kibati camp, many fled with nothing but their lives. Oxfam provides water for the camp, which is vital for everyday life, but people often have no way to provide for their families.

Hubert and Marceline managed to take one important possession with them; their sewing machine.
Oxfam on Sewing In The Democratic Republic of the Congo
When 26 year old Hubert, fled his home in Kimbumba with his family, he was petrified of what might happen to them; shots were being fired and they had to leave immediately. During the frantic moments in which he left he was worried about how he would feed his family on arrival to Kibati camp? He made the tough decision to carry his heavy Singer sewing machine, which has been his means to survive for over a year. 


“I knew I had to take it with me, how else would I put food on the table? I was here back in 2009 without any means to survive and I did not want to put my family in this situation again”, says Hubert sewing a tattered garment by the side of the road leading into the Kibati camp.

“Business is not good here because people have nothing. I charge very little, 100 Congolese francs (approx 8p) for my services but it is at least enough to make sure my wife, my two children and my mum all eat once a day.”

Oxfam on Sewing In The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Marceline Habyarimana is a tailor. Like Hubert, she too fled the fighting with her sewing machine, carrying the old Singer machine on her head. Her husband carried the table with the foot pedal that operates the machine.

Congolese are fond of tailored clothes, often made out of very bright wax printed cloth. Marceline charges about 1,500 Congolese Francs to make a dress (less than £1.50). Her clients are mostly from Goma town, they tend to bring the cloth and she tailors. Other people in the camp rarely have enough money to hire her services.


Oxfam provides water for the 55,000 people at Kibati camp. The camp formed as tens of thousands fled fighting between the new rebel group and Congolese forces. People in the camp included those fleeing forced recruitment, harassment, food shortages and clashes of violence in their home towns.

Oxfam also helps by providing sanitation equipment and hygiene essentials in an emergency. The award-winning ‘Oxfam bucket’ includes essentials from soap to sanitary towels, to help people who may have lost everything to stay clean and healthy.

Most importantly, Oxfam encourages national initiatives and increased regional and international political engagement which has led to important advances and new agreements to resolve conflict and insecurity in Congo. Oxfam also run training sessions to teach people new skills such as sewing, tailoring and, basket making.
Oxfam on Sewing In The Democratic Republic of the Congo


£2.50 can provide 25 water treatment sachets to a family in an emergency. This is enough to make around 500 litres of water safe: enough to last a family of four for a month.

£5 can provide 20 Award winning ‘Oxfam buckets’ which allow people to access clean water without risk of contamination by dirt and disease, as it has a closable lid and a tap.

Why Is Regular Giving Important?

Donations are vital to Oxfam's work because it allows them to respond to emergencies and stay to help people rebuild their lives. They also work on the root causes of poverty, and that takes time and effort, but it is so worth it!

Remember a regular donation to Oxfam can assist and empower those in the most vulnerable situations.

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