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Living A Self-Approved Life

Salman Dean

Black Stretch Skinny Jeans - River Island

Our whole lives we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for love, approval and to fit in. This first happens as a child - when we adapt to meet our parents needs so that we can get love.

Then, as we get older, it could be a group of friends, or adapt to how we think our romantic partner thinks we should be - or the opposite - we rebel against how anyone thinks we should be and we stand out by not fitting in.


Knowing When To Let Go

Salman Dean Canary Wharf
Photography by Devan Trammel

White Double Collar Shirt - Burton
Brown Textured Heritage Suit - Topman
Black Formal Shoes - River Island (similar here)

There have been some changes in my life that have lead me to write this post. I'm the type of person to try so hard that I will burn myself up and give 100% to hang onto someone. Even if I'm not receiving 100% back.

Recently I've learnt to let go and I feel so much more healthier. It may sound cold or harsh, but what I've discovered is that when you grow, sometimes what's holding you back isn't your potential, but what's around you.


January Favourites

The last time I did a monthly favourites post was in July (see here) and it's been one of my most popular posts. So I thought it was about time I did another one. I can't believe we are in February already, I mean it's nearly Valentines day! Anyway I would say January was a weird one for me, between LCM and changing jobs it was busy. Therefore I only have a few favourites but let's get stuck in.

I've recently been loving the Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes. They are my favourite AHA (especially when traveling). If you don't already know using products containing AHA's will chemically exfoliate your skin. Mechanical exfoliation would be using grains or beads in a scrub to remove dead skin. However chemical exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells by dissolving them. These are on the pricey side however they are of high quality. Soaked in glycolic goodness the wipes are massive in size. I always use the whole wipe on my face and neck until I feel it has dried up. Each wipe has two different sides, one which is rough and exfoliating and the other is soft. I prefer to use the softer side especially if I have spots. These wipes have a citrus smell to them however you aren't able to smell it on your skin after about 15 minutes. Remember when using AHA's it's important to use SPF 15 or higher every day because your skin can become sensitive to the sun.

Another genuine new favourite of mine is the Anthony Logistics Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub. I've been using it weekly for a whole month and it makes my skin feel so smooth. Unlike other body scrubs it doesn't contain any oil or moisturising ingredients. You may think this is a bad thing but that means the salt in it can thoroughly scrub away and give you that clean feeling. Although it contains aloe vera gel which is very soothing, I always follow up with my favourite body moisturiser because your skin truly needs it after a good scrubbing. I wish I could describe the smell but I can't sum it up. The closest thing I could say is that it smells like sweets.

For my hair I rarely find good products that I would incorporate in my routine however the Percy Nobleman Pomade is something I seem to be reaching for more often compared to my normal American Crew products (see post here). I end up straightening my hair everyday because it is thick and curly. Sometimes after going through this process I don't feel like adding a heavy product and just keeping it light. That's where the Percy Nobleman Pomade comes in. It looks like an orange jelly however it's quite a firm product. I only use a little and warm it up in my hands. Using small amounts allows me to build up the desired look I want. It gives a little shine which I love on my hair. Also it's water soluble so it's really easy to wash. You may think it's pricey at £12.99 but the amount you get will easily last you up to three months - a little bit goes a long way,

I have already featured this Brydon Brothers belt on the blog (see post here) but I thought I would mention it again seeing as it has truly been a favourite. I practically wore this belt every day in January. Also how amazing is their packaging - any belt you purchase is delivered in this wooden box.


You must be thinking I'm so late to the game (which I am) but I recently started watching Scream Queens. I know everyone's been raving about it but for anyone who hasn't watched it, you have too. It's that classic horror meets comedy genre. It has so many celebrities in it from Lea Michelle to Emma Roberts and even Keke Palmer. On a really basic level every week someone is killed and you get one more step closer to finding out who the killer is. There are so many twists and turns. Just give one episode a try and you'll be hooked.

Well that's it guys, if any of my favourites are your favourites please comment below and tell me why.

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Valentine’s Day Hair Styling Tips From Ted's Grooming Room

Ted's Grooming Room
Photography by Rob Hawthorn

Preparation is everything on Valentine’s Day – and I don’t just mean making sure you getting a cute present and booking a restaurant table. On one of the most romantic nights, you need to be pristine from head to toe - starting with a dashing haircut.

A little while ago I visited Ted's Grooming Room (see post here) and they would do a great job sorting you out for Valentines Day. They are really professional and will make you feel like a million bucks. However if this isn’t possible here are some tips from Ted's master barber.


Valentine's Day Favourites From Etsy

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if you haven't thought about it, fear not. I've rounded up some of my favourite Etsy items for that 'I'm a thoughtful partner' vibe. I have tried to feature items that are unisex so they are ideal for everyone. 


If you guys met on Tinder then you have to get this card, I mean c'mon. Valentines Day cards are mushy enough so why not get something different.

Don't be basic. If you are going to get chocolates then why not get this cute robot couple gift set. Handmade from Belgian white chocolate, these little delights have been tinted in pastel colours featuring a tiny gold heart.

If your loved one is obsessed with candles then I think this is a great option. My personal favourite scent is Vanilla Hazelnut but it also comes in Cucumber Ginger Mint, Vanilla Sandalwood and Desert Lime Parsley. It is a little pricey at £27 however once the wax has burned away you can reuse the marble jar. It will make a great decor piece around the house.

If you're whisking away your bae to Paris on Valentine's weekend then you hardly need to get an extravagant gift. I would play it cool and just enjoy your time away. Although why not get a cute card as a nice gesture. I think this marble effect one is perfect.


Does your partner love plants? If so then this handmade macrame plant hanger would be a great option. Made from cotton rope with wooden beads, this piece is one of a kind and a lovely way to display your beloved plants! You have to admit this is going to look great around the house.


Brydon Brothers Belts

Brydon Brothers Belts
I feel most guys don't get excited about accessories including belts, which is quite surprising seeing as it's something you use everyday. Belt shopping can be a somewhat awkward experience especially if you aren't a generic size. The holes never line up and you are always left with something too tight or loose - not to mention that annoying excess if it's too long.

Brydon Brothers have created a range of belts that have no holes and allow you to size it exactly how you like. The brand was inspired by four brothers from England who wanted to launch something different. The belts are designed in Britain and crafted from long lasting, quality materials, everything from the stitching and finish of the buckle to the feel of the elasticated webbing has been carefully selected. The belts have a hand made feel to them and are even presented in wooden boxes with the belt protected in thick cotton bags to ensure they are kept safe during delivery.

I wear this belt all the time now so I'm sure you'll be seeing it on the blog more often. The Brydon Brothers belts retail for £55.
Salman Dean Brydon Brothers Belts
Salman Dean Brydon Brothers Belts
Salman Dean Brydon Brothers Belts

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American Crew Favourites

american crew products
Today I'm going to be talking about some of my favourite products from American Crew. It doesn't matter what hair type you have - they have something for everyone. I think it's safe to say American Crew have dominated the market when it comes to premium haircare for men. I first had an American Crew product used in my hair when I went to a salon and it was surprisingly good. So good that I came home and forked out £10 for it. I've recently tried out a few other products from their range and here are my thoughts.
american crew shampoo
First off let's start with the 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash. This thing smells amazing. I'm really bad at describing smell however I would say it smells like a really expensive aftershave. I normally don't like 3-in-1 products because I feel how can it clean my hair and then condition it all in one go? So for that reason I would say it's pretty average if you want to use it on your hair. Perhaps it's more suited to people who have short hair and on the go. If you are not a fan of SLS then this product may not for you. However if you like lots of foam then you'll love this as a body wash - a little bit goes a long way.

The Daily Moisturising Shampoo says it's suitable for all hair types (which it is) but it's especially good for people with medium to long hair. This stuff smells minty and has a creamy consistency. It cleans hair well leaving a moisturising effect in a non greasy way.

The Daily Conditioner has a similar minty smell due to menthol. You'll feel invigorated and if you leave it in your hair long enough your scalp will tingle. I would say it moisturises hair without weighing it down - this is probably due to the added Vitamin B5. This conditioner is definitely a new favourite as I have medium to long curly hair. I've used rubbish conditioners in the past and I've just ended up looking like a frizz ball. 
american crew fiber, defining paste and forming cream
American Crew Fiber is one of their most popular products for short hair. Designed to give high hold with a low shine. This fiber-like product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair with a matte finish. I'm planning on going back to short hair very soon and when I do this is product is going to be my best friend.

The American Crew Defining Paste is my second favourite product, giving a medium hold with a matte finish. This product is made with beeswax which means it is really hard. I always scoop a little out and warm it up in my hands. It quickly turns to an emolient style paste. This product is similar to the Fiber Paste however the Defining Paste is easier to distribute through hair. American Crew suggest that this product is suitable for hair beyond the length of 2 inches which I would say is fairly accurate. I like to use this product on days I want something matte on my hair. It feels light which still allows for natural movement without looking all over the place.

Lastly my all time favorite American Crew product is their Forming Cream. This is the first American Crew product I bought and I'm still very much obsessed with it. The Forming Cream is easy to use, giving a medium hold with a healthy shine. This product has excellent pliability and makes your hair look healthy. After using this product I always top it up with a bit of hairspray to prevent fly away hairs. The Forming Cream is definitely more suitable to longer hair types I would say.

This post contains PR samples.
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