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Discover Kenya In 10 photos

Discover Kenya In 10 Photo's
If you're a follower of my blog then you'll know I recently spent 5 weeks in Kenya. I travelled quite extensively and got to see so many things including non-touristy stuff. Kenya itself is so diverse and unique that sometimes you feel like you're in a different place altogether. I've tried to include as many different pictures as I can to summarise this beautiful country. I don't claim to be the best photographer in the world but here's Kenya in 10 photos!

Great Rift Valley
As soon as you leave the hustle and bustle of Nairobi you're met with the most amazing views. Simply driving around Kenya is a sight to see. The lack of buildings in rural areas, the greenery and bumpy roads all add to the feel. This particular view is of the Great Rift Valley.

Mt Kenya Safari Club Plants
Kenya is surprisingly green and lush. When traveling one of the first giveaways that makes you feel like you're in a foreign land is the plants. They are so unusual and beautiful. Maybe it's just me but they really did stand out. This photo was taken at Mount Kenya Safari Club which has the freshest air ever. So clean and unpolluted.

Southern Sun Mayfair Breakfast
Kenyan tea and coffee is known around the world to be the best and is their biggest export. Many of you drink it every day and don't realise it with places like Starbucks and McDonalds sourcing their tea and coffee from Kenya. 

Safari Salman Dean
The people of Kenya are what make it so special, they're friendly, welcoming and inquisitive. The fellow pictured with me is John who was our game driver while on safari.

Mombasa Beach Clothing
No matter where you are in Kenya you will see an abundance of colourful clothing being sold. From vibrant kitenge's (dresses) to traditional leso's, which is basically a cloth that can be tied many ways. Ironically black is my aesthetic but when you're in a sunny country like Kenya you can't help but appreciate colour.

Salman Dean Star Fish
The coastal side of Kenya is known to have the bluest water, especially Diani which is in the south coast. With the water being from the Indian Ocean it is of course warm also. I was scared to touch the starfish at first but upon feeling it my fear disappeared. It basically just feels like a rock.

Salman Dean Mombasa
These cool tide pools are a miracle from nature. They form on the beach every day when the tide goes out. Sometimes you'll find little crabs and creatures inside. Although it's not that common because under the sun these little pools warm up really fast.


Going on safari and camping is much more glamorous than you would think. Each tent is massive and has running water and electricity, some even have wifi! Every night when you come back from dinner your tent has been attended to by the staff. They add hot water bottles in your bed to make sure you stay warm during the night and they even turn on a mosquito vape to make sure those buggers don't come near you.

Salman Dean Lake Nivasha
This particular photo was taken at Lake Nivasha where you are guaranteed to see lots of happy hippos! It's also every bird watchers dream as there so hundreds of species in the area. Overall it's a picturesque place for anyone who loves nature.

Salman Dean Lion Safari
Last but not least, I couldn't do a post on Kenya and not go into detail about the wildlife. If you ever get the chance in your life to go on safari it's the most amazing thing ever! In Kenya however once you leave the city and are driving through the more rural areas don't be surprised if you see a monkey, ostrich or even an elephant crossing the road. One of my stand out moments on safari was watching a cheetah feeding her cubs. When infants cheetah's can only drink blood so it was quite the scene to see it smeared all over their faces.

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