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How To Wear All Black

I've been wanting to do this post for a while now but i've actually been too scared to write it. I really hope I nail it for you guys. Now I don't wear all black all the time but when I do it's because I can't be bothered and it's easy. I guess it does make a statement but it can also go horribly wrong thats why I think some people avoid it. When styled poorly your outfit can look flat but when done properly it can look effortless. 


This is a really important part because it will give your outfit dimension so make sure you include a turtle neck or maybe some longline pieces. Even a dip hem t-shirt would make a difference but don't worry if you don't have any of the above you can just throw on a black coat and all will be fine. If you you don't manage to create interesting shapes, silhouettes and proportions then you run the risk of your outfit looking boring.


Another key part of wearing all black is using different materials to give depth. The colour black can sometimes look like nothingness so mix it up with something like satin, suede, faux fur and other textures. Layering clashing textures such as wool and leather will create a distinct contrast and give you a standout outfit. Nothing looks more odd than an all black outfit that is all cotton. 

Most people overlook this bit because they don't think its that important but the kind of shoes you wear will change the whole look of your outfit. For example trainers with a white platform will give you that edgy look compared to all black. I love military boots and formal shoes so they are great to throw in for a smart casual look. But if you own a pair of trainers in a neon or bright colour that would make such a bold statement with your all black look. There are so many ways to go with it, it just depends what you have to work with.

  Don't be shy of accessorizing with other colours or statement pieces. Metallics look especially great against black but its also fun playing with other textures. Like my matte sunglasses and studded watch are some of my favourite things to pair with an all black outfit.

  The benefit of wearing all black is that it's slimming however if you are already slim then it might be best to avoid overly tight clothes as it may make you look scarily thin. That's not to say you shouldn't wear your favourite pair of black skinny jeans but maybe you should also include some baggy oversized pieces.

  Lastly, have fun and be confidant. It's just clothes. If you're too shy and insecure people will be able to pick up on it. 

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