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Play Me I'm Yours

Photography by Devan Trammel

White Double Collar Shirt - Burton
Brown Textured Heritage Suit - Topman
Black Formal Shoes - River Island (similar here)

Hey guys! Hope you are all well. With temperatures dropping I've been looking for the perfect winter suit and I found this beaut at Topman. A three-piece suit makes the ultimate sartorial statement this season. Including a waistcoat in your suit is not only super flattering, it’s also seriously suave (plus it will add a much needed layer as the temperature drops). Made from a warm wool material I thought this would be a great investment. My ASOS camel overcoat that I've previously featured went really well with it. Also can I just say how amazing is this location. This was shot in the Canary Wharf roof gardens.


How To Wear All Black

I've been wanting to do this post for a while now but i've actually been too scared to write it. I really hope I nail it for you guys. Now I don't wear all black all the time but when I do it's because I can't be bothered and it's easy. I guess it does make a statement but it can also go horribly wrong thats why I think some people avoid it. When styled poorly your outfit can look flat but when done properly it can look effortless. 


Darbaar Restaurant By Abdul Yaseen Launch

Daarbar Restaurant By Abdul Yaseen
Last week me and my blogging buddy Charlotte were invited to the launch of the much anticipated Indian restaurant, Darbaar. Located within five minutes from both Shoreditch and Liverpool Street Station, it's a great place to come after work. Darbaar has a separate bar area which is a plush and welcoming setting where guests are able to enjoy a spiced-infused cocktail list and lighter sharing dishes. The food at Darbaar takes inspiration from the many diverse regions of India and the cooking with traditional clay ovens and large charcoal Robata grill on display will lend a sense of theatre to the restaurant. 

The interior is a breath-taking modern day interpretation of the palaces in ancient India. Midnight blue, gold and copper tones are used dramatically throughout the space, with striking chandeliers, ornate mirrors and exquisite drapes coupled with cutting edge furniture and an ultra-modern open kitchen. Darbaar's restaurant includes an interactive grill seating area, a private dining room and a bespoke chef’s table for up to 10 people.

The restaurant has been opened up by Abdul Yaseen who is an award-winning chef and a modern Indian food connoisseur with a reputation for excellence both in the UK and overseas. Moving from Jaipur to London fifteen years ago, he was part of the founding team of iconic London Restaurant, Cinnamon Club. He then went on to become Head Chef at Cinnamon Kitchen and Anise where he played an instrumental part in building the Cinnamon brand.

Signature dishes include Nawabi Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb, Keralan Shrimp Cocktail and Kid Goat Biryani. Also their dessert is amazing, my particular favourite was the spiced carrot cake. Overall it's a beautiful space which can be a perfect setting for a first date or if it's your birthday then you can dine privately and even have a cocktail party.

Location: Darbaar, 1 Snowden Street, Broadgate West, London, EC2A 2DQ
Daarbar Restaurant By Abdul Yaseen
Salman Dean At Daarbar RestaurantDaarbar Restaurant Private Dining  Daarbar Restaurant Table


Forever Layered

Black Stretch Skinny Jeans - River Island
Black Work Boots - ASOS (similar here)

Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying more fashion posts from me. It's such a struggle to fit them in around working life but anything for you guys! 

The days are getting shorter and the weather is forever moody in London. Therefore I've been sticking to layers recently because it can quickly become cold and then mild again. I must admit this particular look is a bit random but I love it. I don't know if you've noticed but turtlenecks are my thing. So here I've paired a stone coloured one underneath a purple wash shirt. I thought it would look really cool with the jacket, which it does. Recently I've been playing around more with smart casual simply because I think it's fun.

As always thank you for stopping by and comment below if you would like to see a particular post from me. I'm always struggling to think of good topics to talk about so help a brother out!


An Evening At The Sons of London Launch

Last week I attended the launch of the new luxury men’s shoe brand, Sons of London. Set in a edgy tunnel in Shoreditch which created a perfect mood for the event. The brand has launched with a definitive men’s shoe collection which is comprised of five distinguished styles. From Oxfords to Chelsea Boots, each shoe combines timeless design and the finest craftsmanship.

Sons of London are meticulously handcrafted, down to the last stitch, and are essential for the modern gent. Each shoe is cut from the finest full-grain Tuscan leather and hand sculpted by artisans in Italy’s Le Marche region. Each pair undergoes 150 steps in its making, under the care of a team of 16 master craftspeople in a second-generation family-owned factory. How crazy is that?

Overall it was a great night with amazing music. I got to speak to the founder of Sons of London himself, Sepand Oboudiyat. As a former city professional he saw a gap in the market and started up his own brand. I also got to try on the shoes and I must admit I'm in love with them. Each style is offered in a range of colours, and priced between £180 and £200.


Earthy Autumn

Black Overcoat - River Island
620 Trainers  - New Balance

I'm so happy we are well into AW15 because it means we get to play around with what we wear. I mean don't get me wrong, I hate the cold and shorter days although wearing layers gives you different options. For example I paired this thin funnel neck sweater underneath this flowy viscose shirt. The mid-pink and khaki colours seem to work well together. The highlight of this whole outfit though are these pleated trousers with belt detailing. Pleats are going to be massive this season and even next. I particularly love the structuring of the trousers from oversized to skinny. I think you can also tell that it' has impeccable quality (everything from Zara always is). I paired my New Balance shoes with this outfit for a more casual unconventional look. Would you have done the same?


The Balmain x H&M Disaster

Writing a moany post isn't really in my nature but I'm sorry I have to talk about this topic. Unless you've been living under a rock you'll be aware the Balmain x H&M collection came out on Thursday. Advertising for the collection begun months ago with celebrity models behind it such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn. The collection was only available in selected H&M stores so I knew if I wanted any pieces I'd have to queue up early. I woke up at 4am the day of the launch and while on my way to the Oxford Street store I see on Twitter that people had been camping there all night. My heart literally dropped but I was still determined to try and get something. Upon arrival the queue was snaked around the block and already crazy.


Scary Has Never Looked So Good

Photography by Charlotte Clarke

Black Work Boots - ASOS (similar here)

With Halloween last week I thought I'd post something a little haunting. Found this eerie looking church right behind where I work which was perfect for this look. The pony sweater I wore feels so soft and amazing, its from Topman's AAA collection. The collection is inspired by rock with hip-hop influences to create a contemporary look. I decided to wear a turtle neck underneath to make the outfit a little more edgy. Paired with my leather knee patch trousers and black work boots I felt a little rock and roll. Would you dare to wear an all black look like this?


Top 10 Tips on Writing Your Dissertation

Writing your dissertation can be a pretty painful experience, especially for some more than others. I am going to do a more detailed post later on but in the mean time I thought I would go through some personal tips of what I learnt when writing my own dissertation. Looking back in hindsight I wish I had known what I know now, back then. I guess it doesn't really matter because I still got a first but I'm sure I would have had less stress! These tips are fairly generic so it doesn't matter what topic or type of research you have chosen to do. 

1. Your supervisor should be your best friend. If you feel your supervisor isn't helpful or have any concerns talk to someone in your department about it. I'm sure they won't have any problems addressing the issue or swapping your supervisor. Your supervisor is someone you need to be able to look to for guidance and be able to lean on.

2. Write sooner. The sooner you start writing the better your dissertation will be as you'll have more time to research and edit/ redraft. Many people try to start with the introduction but if you're stuck then start somewhere else. I think it's best to start with the literature review. It's the foundation of your dissertation.

3. Comparisons will drive you crazy. Don't ask others how far they have got along with their dissertation. Some people are naturally faster at writing (I'm not) or have chosen topics with a lot of research surrounding it. Put your blinkers on and keep writing.

4. Instead of procrastinating move onto the next part. I did this and it saved me. I got stuck on certain sections and instead of letting it get to me I simply skipped it and returned to it later. I always believe you procrastinate until you have better clarity on the situation. Don't you agree?

5. Lots of research. You may be thinking duh? But the hardest part I found was the actual reading compared to the writing. The more you know about your topic the easier it will be to write and make conclusions (using evidence to support you of course!)

6. Break up the dissertation and its sections to make it more digestible. You can do this by looking at the value of marks that are appointed to each section. This will help you identify where you need to allocate more words and time. For example my literature review was worth the same marks as my analysis however by the end I spent too much time on my lit review and didn't have enough time to spend on the analysis.

7. Get it written down. Your first draft will never be perfect but it's better you get something written down. Think of the dissertation as jigsaw puzzle, the more you write and research the more easy it will be to piece relevant bits together. Your markers want to see you using evidence that link up with theories.

8. Reference correctly from the beginning. Referencing was the bane of my life however it's important because it will be too time consuming to go back to correct references. Get it right the first time.

9. Back up your work. I used dropbox but you can use any cloud service so that you know your work is safe. The last thing you want is work being lost or any setbacks.

10. Seek feedback regularly. It's crucial you do this because it allows you to make revisions quickly and fill in the gaps in any areas you may have overlooked. I was fortunate enough to have a weekly meeting with my supervisor. It makes a world of a difference!


Here are some books that will help throughout the dissertation plus they are good references, especially for your methodology. I wish you the best of luck. You can do it!


Mini Chocolate Chip & Clotted Cream Scones Recipe

I'm back with another recipe that's fairly easy and so incredibly delicious. I haven't made scones since food tech in school so this was kind of fun for me. I put my own spin on it and used chocolate chips but you can substitute them for anything like sultanas, banana or you can just keep them plain. 

(makes 24 scones)

90g chocolate chips
75g unsalted butter, softened
pinch of salt
2 tsp baking powder
1 medium egg, beaten
35g caster sugar
225g plain flour
75ml whole milk
227g clotted cream

Preheat your oven to 200°C/ Fan 180°C/ Gas Mark 6 then lightly grease a baking sheet.

Mix the flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl then rub in the butter with your finger tips.

Stir in the chocolate chips, sugar, egg and milk to form a soft dough, handing as little as possible to keep them light.

Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface until 1.5cm thick then fold half over the top of itself. (this gives a nice natural break to cut them open once cooked), then flatten slightly using the palm of your hand.

Cut into 24 mini scones using a 5cm cutter, re-rolling as required.

Bake in the centre of the oven for 10-15 minutes until risen and golden, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Once cooled split and fill the scones with clotted cream then serve and enjoy.

Once again I rolled my dough out too thin hence why in the recipe I suggested you fold over the dough to double it up to give you a nice height. I also used more than 90g of chocolate chips so mine were extra chocolatey. With the clotted cream these barely lasted a day in my house. To be honest I did end up eating half of them but they are bite sized and so light which means you could easily eat a couple at a time haha.


So Over It

Salman Dean

Hey everyone! I'm officially back in the UK and I'm sorry for the lack of posts. Between unpacking and heading straight back to work I haven't had time to shoot much. This particular outfit was something I randomly put together but it seemed to work. I recently bought these trousers from Zara because I was staring at my wardrobe one day and realised everything I owned was either skinny or slim fit. I'm really trying to break out of my comfort zone and it's outfits like this that make me feel I should! Paired with a mid pink funnel neck sweater and my camel coat it looks so perfect for Autumn. I finished everything of with a tan belt and shoes which just adds that extra kick. I thought black might have been a bit boring in this instance, what do you think?
Salman Dean
Men's ASOS Camel Overcoat
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